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Yelp Tampa Bay: Local Change Makers Magazine Feature

It's Friday Jr. The sun is shining almost as brightly as the hearts of today's owners. #MeetTheOwner ... It is time to meet the Fosters: Sean and Justine. "Just Us Productions is more than a brand, it's a way of life that encourages people to uplift one another and enjoy every fun moment that life brings" -Justine Just Us Productions officially launched in 2020. Sean and Justine were a testament to resilience even before the crazy year that was. Leaving behind a full life and sense of comfort for adventure and opportunity, the Fosters moved to Tampa Bay in October of 2019. They immediately took action using their unique skills and talents to build a business that allowed them to make an impact on the local community. The fully stocked entertainment company takes care of everything from entertainment, to decorations and of course drinks. They are stellar mobile mixologists and creatives at heart. And they do it all...just the two of them. "We are showing the world that anything is possible when you focus on your passion and purpose" - Justine Connect with them on Instagram @justusproductions_llc and on their site 📸 all from @justusproductions_llc #supportsmallbusiness #shopblackowned #drinklocal #eventdesign #familyowned #YelpTampa

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